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Board of Directors - Club
Officers Current, Robert "Jim" - President 2017-18
  James, Beverly - Club Treasurer
  Barry, Sylvia - President Elect 2018-19
  Landram, Michael - Club Sectretary
  Kuhlman, John(Jay) - Immediate Past President/TRF Chair
Club Membership Kuhlman, John(Jay) - Club Membership Director
Club Public Relations Stompe, David - Club Public Relations Director
The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Silvestri, Jr., Esq., George - Exective Secretary
  Kuhlman, John(Jay) - TRF Chair
Club Service Mendoza, Albert "Al" - Director
  Walker, William "Bill" - WebMaster
  Bailey, John - Sargent-at-Arms
  Jung, Michael "Mike" - Sargent-at-Arms
  Diener, Michael "Mike" - Sergeant-at-Arms
  Ross, Cherie - Club Spirit
  Peterson, Anna - Club Spirit
  Bonner, Jackie - Club Spirit
  Johnson, Judy - Club Spirit
  Dillon-Knutson, Carole - Club Spirit
  Guerrero, Carolin - Club Spirit
  Ivy, Barbara - Club Spirit
  Kuhlman, John(Jay) - Newsletter Publisher
Board of Directors - RCNS Foundation
Officers Current, Robert "Jim" - President 2017-18
  James, Beverly - Secretary
  Thomas, Harry - Treasurer
  Kuhlman, John(Jay) - Immediate Past President 2016-17/TRF Chair
  Barry, Sylvia - President Elect 2018-19
Service Directors Rice, Daniel - Community Service
  Bonner, Jackie - World Community
  Kuchem, Bob "Bob" - Youth Services Director
  Walker, William "Bill" - Vocational Service
Community Service Rice, Daniel - Director
  Macfarlan, Jim
  Smalridge, Jay
  Urban, Charlotte
  Walker, William "Bill"
Youth Service Kuchem, Bob "Bob" - Director
  Landram, Michael
  Scott, Shelly - Rotaract Liaison
  Bonner, Jackie
  Ring, Michael "Mike"
  Thwaites, Christian
World Community(International) Service Bonner, Jackie - Director
  Current, Robert "Jim"
  Bonner, Jackie
  Ring, Michael "Mike"
  Ning, Lotus
  Hutchinson, Jan
Vocational Service Walker, William "Bill" - Director Vocatiional Service
  Thomas, Harry
Rotary Satellite Club of Novato Sunrise Evening
Board of Directors Crabtree, Gregory "Papa G" - Chair
  Fischer, Jodi - Chair Elect
  Walera, Edward - Secretary
  Ruberto, John - Treasurer
  Harwood, Jennifer "Jen" - Public Relations & Image
  Sattler, Steven - Services Director
  Heaton, John - Membership Director
Founding Members Heaton, John - Charter Member
  Walera, Edward - Charter Member
  Ruberto, John - Charter Member
  Fischer, Jodi - Charter Member
  Stevenson, MD, Jeffrey "Jeff" - Charter Member
  Crabtree, Gregory "Papa G" - Charter Member
  Harwood, Jennifer "Jen" - Charter Member
  Castro, Diane
  Pace, Cari