Club Canopy Set-up Instructions

The Club Canopy is a 10 ft x 10 ft unit for use at Club events. It consists of a steel frame, a canopy top with side valences and a a side wall. Our club name, logo, promotional text and the Rotray Wheel symbol of excellence are prominently displayed on the canoopy top, side valences and side wall. It is easy to transport, unpack, set-up, take down and repack. CLICK on the links  below to view video instructions

Placement of canopy top on the steel frame (Note after first set-up the frame and canopy will be packed together for future use eliminating need for this step)

Steel frame with canopy top Set-up 

Repacking of steel frame with canopy top.

The side wall is a separate part that is optional depending on the event where the canopy is used. It is installed and taken down and packed separately.

Placement of side wall with canopy top and steel frame