World (International) Service

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Director World (International) Service


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World (International) Service encompasses actions taken to expand Rotary's humanitarian reach around the globe and to promote world understanding and peace.

Global Grant Projects 2014 - 2017

For the past several years, our club has used our District Designated Funds and supported other lead clubs mainly in District 5150 with co-sponsors of Microcredit Projects in Ecuador (Marin Evening), Guatemala (Pacifica), and Uganda (La Jolla Golden Triangle).  Our club has donated $1100 to each project annually, plus100% matched funds totaling $2,200/per project from District 5150.

International Service Microcredit Project

Why Guatemala? The country has been deeply affected by a circle of poverty, malnutrition, illness and domestic violence. This program strives to break this cycle by lifting women, the backbone of villages, out of poverty to self-sufficiency by building businesses. Non-profit Namaste Direct provides business education, mentoring and microcredit to women entrepreneurs. Beginning with their dream of business ownership, from food to small cottage industry products, the mentorship goes beyond providing the initial funding.  An annual business conference is held to help up to 500 women gain the skills they need to start, build and grow their businesses. The effect is a better quality of life for the whole village, as the businesses tend to reinvest in their own communities.  

Photo from Namaste Direct website.

The Microcredit projects in Ecuador:  Guayaquil, Quito, and Esmeraldas, is an economic initiative to help poor people set up small manufacturing and craft organizations working together as groups.  Each group is taught how to make a specific product in which their group is interested, including making shoes, clothes, bread, and pastry.  The groups will only receive loans after an extensive seven month training/business development program.  Then they will receive business assistance, counseling, and monitoring after the loans are given.   

RCNS donates annually to the Polio Plus Fund.  This fiscal year the polio plus can has had contributions of $755.  Our club donated $2,650 to Polio plus.  The $755 was included in that amount.  So the Foundation contributed $1,895 above and beyond the Polio Plus can’s donations.

Our club donates $1000 annually to ShelterBox, an international relief charity that provides immediate assistance to people affected by natural disasters or conflict.  ShelterBox provides shelter, lifesaving equipment, and educational materials to hard-hit communities worldwide. Since its founding in 2000, ShelterBox has responded to more than 200 crises in almost 90 countries, providing vital aid for well over one million people.

The Women's Wellness and Empowerment Conference (WWEC) is a 10-day national conference held annually in Togo that brings together strong female leaders from communities all across the country.  WWEC 2016 brought 30 especially motivated women together and provided them with an empowering, professional platform to learn how to become advocates for women's rights and women's health and to educate them on ways that could help their families and communities. Togo's Conference was created by Peace Corps volunteers in 2010. Our club has donated $2000 annually to this conference.

GO HERE for YouTube Video about the conference

   ↑Photo by Meg Austin

The mission of 1.2 million Rotarians around the world is Service Above Self. Through International (World) Service we  make a difference, everyday.


Project Amigo helps poor children of Colima, Mexico achieve their highest potential by providing programs that motivate them to stay in school; by improving their access to higher education, promoting literacy; and helping with dental care.

Swallowfield Learning Centre established in 1997, is an initiative of the Swallowfield Chapel, New Kingston, Jamaica serving the community of Swallowfield by helping to improve literacy levels among young residents and preparing students for the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT).

Beverly James, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Novato, and Rotary Club of Ignacio (Novato) funded the international grant for Swallowfied Learning Center, Kingston, Jamaica in 2011-12. We thank Dennis Chong of Rotary Cub of New Kington Jamaica (RCNK) for his collaboration. Project completion due 2014-15

Bogata Colombia Project:  I want to thank each of you for contributing a portion of your Rotary Club's DDF allocation to the District 5150 microcredit project. This is a multi-club project organized by the Microcredit Committee for District 5150.

The matching grant application has now been approved by the Rotary Foundation. 

The total project is for $67,620. 
These funds will provide small loans for 200 businesses at a time, and will provide vocational and capacity training to the participants as well. 
On July 31 the grant funds were transferred by TRF to the Bogota Centenario Rotary Club, who will be administering this project as our Rotary partner.  Outreach to potential participants is on its way.

Guatemala Project:  Now complete after (2) years  The payback rate on this $42,550 project is 100%
Our funds are in a Revolving Loan Fund, continuing to assist poor people, in establishing new businesses.  Thank you again for your support for these programs that help so many people.

Keith Axtell, Chair

District 5150 Microcredit Committee
Women's Wellness Annual Conference, Togo Africa