RCNS Vocational Directory

Members of our Club are very interested in working with the Novato Community to meet persons in Novato, discuss community needs and important issues, and hopefully find common ground for being of service. Here is an aphbetical list by Vocation of our current Club members. Perhaps you may know some of them.  To contact any one or several of the members just Click Here: CONTACT US to get a screen where you may mention their names, send them a message, with your area of interest, provide your email address or telephone number(s) and ask that they contact you.. This information will be fowarded to the members you designate.

Club Members

First Name Last Name Classification
John Bailey Waste Water Treatment
Trudy Balston Financial Accounting
Sylvia Barry Real Estate
John Bartley Insurance
Dennis Bentley Clean Water Technology
Jackie Bonner Retired Antiques Dealer
Diane Castro Senior Living
Gregory Crabtree Diamond Broker
Robert Current Retired Clergy
Mike Dienier Retired  - FAA
Carole Dillon-Knutson Retired City Government
Bob Dimond Retired Insurance
Jodi Fischer Mortgage Banker
Jim Fritz Retired Water Service
Sam  Gill Retired - CPA
Bruce Goines Retired - Forestor
Carolin Guerrero Real Estate Sales 
Jennifer Harwood Legal Office Management
John Heaton Retired - Medical Sales
Tracy Henderson Private Investments
William Hipps Retired - Consultant
Jan Hutchinson Education
Barbara Ivy Real Estate Sales
Beverly James Environmental Engineering
Judy Johnson Small Business
Michael Jung Retired-Medical Diagnostic Imaging Sales
Bob Kuchem Life Insurance Brokerage
John Kuhlman Information Technology
Michael Landram Retired Forester
Joel Louraine Banking
Mark MacAvoy CAPS Certified General Contractor
Jim Macfarlan Retired Civil Engineer
Drew McIntyre Water Utility
Albert   Mendoza Retired Law Enforcement
Larisa Moret Financial Accounting
Lotus Ning Retired Federal Government
Cari Pace Publisher - Author
John Reuscher Financial Planning
Daniel Rice Painting Contractor
Mike Ring Retired Chevron
Cherie Ross Retired - Investment/Insurance
John Ruberto Software Excecutive
Steven Sattler Attorney
Shelly Scott County Government
George Silvestri, Jr., Esq. Attorney/Real Estate
Jay Smalridge Retired Banker
Jeffery Stevenson Physician
David Stompe Insurance Sales
Christian Thwaites Investment Management
Harry Thomas Risk Management
Bill Tyler Fire Protection
Charlotte Urban Retired Auto Dealer
Larry Wade Retired Electrician
Edward Walera Health Facilities Construction
William Walker Retired Coast Guard
Patricia Warren Retired
Candice Youngman Customer Relationship Management
Jason Zarhorenko Financial Planner

Club Vocational Directory

A voluntary listing of members by vocation/profession with contact information.

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